Visualizing your Experience

Today when I opened the Google Classroom there were two projects for the last week of Amal Fellowship. The first project was Visualizing your Experience. When I read the instructions I found out that I have to write about my experience of the first two weeks at Amal Academy. Then I opened my register which I used to make notes of all online courses and projects. After opening the register I became very emotional thinking about how long I have been in my life and how much I have changed now. After visualizing and collecting my all experience from the start of the fellowship I felt so thankful to my mentors (Ma’am Fatima and Ma’am Yusra) and Amal Team for all the things they taught us which I never learned before in my life.


Now, I want to share my experience of the first two weeks at Amal Academy.

Let’s Begin! 💕

When I started my journey of Amal Fellowship I just knew that I would be able to learn a lot of the things but I did not know what exactly the things which I have to learn in this Fellowship. In this first week I learnt the Amal values which were like Honesty, Humility, Responsibilities etc. After learning these values I just thought of my values and made Amal values mutual with my values and set these values as my values for the rest of my life. I learnt Principles of Amal in the first week. At that time, after learning those principles I determined that I have to follow them till my death. I am still following them and will follow them.

In this second week of Amal Fellowship, I made Goals and wrote their ‘why’. At that time, I did not know how to set the goals and why I wanted to set these goals. But after learning for a long time, now I am clear about my SMART GOALs and ‘why’ behind them. In that week, I also learnt about teamwork. I learnt how we could become a Most Valuable Team Player by learning the characteristics of MVTP. After learning those characteristics I made a video on any one characteristic of MVTP. I made a video for the first time and did not know how to write the script and shoot the video. For making the video I wrote the script and when I started to shot the video I did not like the script. Then I changed the script and shoot the video by spending almost 10 hours. I learnt from it that you have to just start that work without thinking of consequences and put in your hard work and you will succeed. I won the Award for ‘Clarify Expectations’ and realized that your hard work is never wasted.

In the first two weeks, I discovered in myself that I can do anything which I wished for. I discovered my weaknesses and strengths and started working on them. Before the Fellowship, I did not know that I am a good team player but this Fellowship helped me to discover that I am a good team player. I also found out that I can write a script and can shoot a video with confidence. I did not write a blog before but in the second week, I wrote the first blog of my life on Fixing Stuff around Yourself and Ma’am Fatima appreciated me. After that appreciation, I realized that I can not only write but also can write well.