I am very excited to share the things which I learnt in my journey of Amal Fellowship and have positive impact on my personality to be a better person. These 3 months are the best time of my life and I never experienced this kind of things before in my life even not in my university. When I started thinking from the beginning of my journey till today my heart filled with different emotions. It is mixed feelings. I felt happy because I learnt a lot from this Fellowship which I will discuss below in detail as well as sad because it is about to end.

Lets begin!

I want to share more than one thing which has affected my life a lot from journey of Fellowship.

First of all, I want to start with my mentors who are Ma’am Yusra and Ma’am Fatima. From day one, they are always there to help us in all the things including our projects, resumes, cover letter even in our personal problems. I can not explain their efforts in words how they taught and helped us to learn and grow personally and professionally by providing friendly, safe and easy to communicate environment. I learnt from both of them how to remain humble and polite in every situation with growth mindset. Their constructive feedbacks always helped me to improve my work in a more better way. I just want to say I love them.

I was kind of person who did not participate in any social activities and used to remain silent in the class during the discussions. After enrolling in this Fellowship and taking all the sessions I worked a lot on my communication skills. In the first few sessions, it was very difficult for me to participate due to my introvert nature. But after 2–3 sessions, I started participating actively and willingly. Now, when I look back I see myself more confident, open minded and practical.

Online courses also have a positive impact on my life. After doing all the courses, I learnt about leadership. Before Fellowship, I always thought that leadership needs authority but after Fellowship I learnt that leader is that person who take charge by starting the things without waiting anyone to start. After learning this course, I become risk taker and started by taking immediate actions and try to give my 100% without thinking of consequences. After doing everything, I always reflect back and learn from my mistakes.

At the end, I want to thank the whole team of Amal Academy for creating such an amazing courses and activities for us❤. I feel myself very lucky to be part of this Fellowship. When I reflect back I see myself more confident for my future career and see myself a more positive and active person and also become a life- long leaner.