To live a purposeful life we have to make goals and then start working on them. Because Allah made everything for a purpose.

I want to share about my story and experience of just start your goals in this blog.

lets start! :)

Today I was busy doing my online course which was on the topic of Amal tips for career planning and goal setting. When I reached at end of the course I saw this activity which was on setting your SMART goals and then made task for three weeks to achieve those goals. Then I start working on it. First, I made goals and then I wrote tasks to achieve them. After that I started working on the first task which I made for the first week. I learnt a lot of things in my first week and my experience was very great. To start your working on your goals felt me so much relaxation and inner peace. I was very happy because I started working to achieve my dream goal. I also faced some challenges which was time management. At the start, it was very difficult to manage the time but after one to two days I started to manage the time. Overall, my first week experience was so great. I learnt new vocabulary and tried to use it in my daily routine and also learnt general knowledge which was very weak before.

Thank you Amal Academy to help me to just start my goals.