Experience real Kindness as Happiness:

Today, When I get up in the morning I decided to make biryani for my family specially for my mom. Because she always used to say me like all Pakistani moms that all the girls make all the kind of food and you didn’t cook a single food. Although, I used to make different kinds of food. Almost at 12 am I started to prepare and cook all the ingredient which was used in the biryani. During the process I came to my mom and saw my mom she was very happy and relaxed. I asked my mom how is she feeling as I am making something for her. She said she is very happy because she was always wished that I made something for her and she sad to take rest and waited to eat. This is the real kindness which I experienced as happiness on my mom’s face.

I want share an other story of kindness is: Today when my younger sister returned from college she was finding the clothes to wear. She took out the clothes from closet which could wear them without pressing because she has to go to academy. I said to her that she always wore these clothes so, you should wear other clothes which is new. She said I have no time to press them. At that time, I said to her that I would press clothes for her she became very happy even more excited because I used to do for her. I think this a kind to kindness by seeing someone happy.